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interesting articles related to gun control issue

Here is a list of articles that I read recently and I think that are well written, balanced and should show that the gun rights supporter are not weird, crazy people. Important concept for personal freedom: why somebody should tell me what I need and don’t. A balanced view about the gun issue in USA: […]

Some gun control facts

Some gun control facts This is a good site to get started on gun control facts. It tries to provide only facts, unbiased by opinions. Before you go and support restricting other people’s rights make sure that you get your facts checked and then you can make an informed decision.

I love this country

I’m an immigrant. As so many before me, I came to this country (legally) with high hopes. America is the last bastion of freedom. The issue is how long will last? And after all is lost where can we go? I started this blog to rant on different issues related to on how we become […]